Safety in Solidarity: PT Ferro Goes Orange for Work Zone Awareness Week

In a world where safety often takes a backseat to speed and convenience, this week we are called to pause, reflect, and unite in our commitment to safety in work zones.

Work Zone Awareness Week is an important event to raise awareness about how crucial it is to protect the individuals who work diligently to construct and maintain our roadways.

This year’s “Go Orange Day” at PT Ferro was about more than just wearing a brightly colored shirt—it was about the powerful symbol of solidarity and a demonstration of our commitment to safety. “Go Orange Day” is an important reminder of the dangers that workers in road construction face every day and the necessity of exercising additional caution when in work zones.

By wearing orange, our employees have not only shown their support for one another but also sent a strong message to the communities we work in:

safety always comes first.


As a company deeply invested in the well-being of our team members and the traveling public, participating in “Go Orange Day” was a real-life example of our core values in action. It showcased our collective dedication to creating safer work environments and fostering a culture of awareness and responsibility.

However, the significance of this day extends beyond the color of our attire. It’s about sparking conversations, raising awareness, and inspiring action. By engaging with our community and sharing the message of Work Zone Awareness Week, we hope to encourage everyone to play a proactive role in promoting safety on our roads.


We couldn’t be prouder of our team for coming together to support such a worthy cause. Their enthusiasm and dedication represent the spirit of unity and compassion that defines our company culture. Each orange shirt, vest, or hat worn was a testament to our shared mission: to ensure that every individual returns home safely at the end of the day.

Thank you to everyone who participated in “Go Orange Day” and helped shine a light on the importance of work zone safety.
Learn more about PT Ferro’s commitment to safety:

About National Work Zone Awareness Week:

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